Saturday, 8 June 2013

World Cup Albums 1954 to 1970

1954: KosmosVogelsangBöningerAustria Tabakwaren, Vollständig and Schulze-Witteborg released albums with pictures only about German team, winners of the world cup competition in Switzerland;

1958: Aquarela made a wonderful album with winners of the tournament. 7 Cores edited 3 albums about Brazil’s victory on World Cup 1958, 1962 and 1970. Only Brazilian team appears on these albums; From Germany a great album was released.

1962: Codarte made a wonderful album review about home competition in Chile. 7 Cores made one album with the history of world cup and teams on 1962 games. Importadores Peruanos made a re-edition album a few years ago about Chile 1962Könige from West Germany made one album with german players; The first album with all teams and players appears in Italy by Lampo, it's a fantastic collection.

1966: For the first time Portugal made his debut on World Cups. Many publishers made albums for the English tournament, like ARAL, Siecker Verlag, Epoca, Coda y Cia, TempoIBIS or APR. Té Único in Peru made a beautiful album about players and teams of world cups from 1930 to 1966;

1970: The first appearance of Panini albums, the “holy grail” of collections! From this year several albums were made, and some of them with very good quality: Portuguese Palirex, English FKS, Uruguayan Crack or Peruvian Editores. The good news for collectors is Bergmann. This German editor made 3 albums for this competition: an album with postcards, another with small postcards and one at the end of the tournament with pictures “in action

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